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Modification Of Tickets Cancellation Policy

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Modification Of Tickets Cancellation Policy

GOLDEN STAR FERRIES announces that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the relevant decisions of the Greek Government restraining the public transportation having as result the cancellation of company’s itineraries for April, the cancellation policy is modified.

All tickets issued to travel during the current period (2020), instead of cancellation option, will be converted into Open Date Tickets with the option to be replaced and used on any of our routes, at no extra cost to the passenger up to 31/12/2022.

A prerequisite for the above replacement option to be valid, is that tickets must be converted to open 24 hours prior to the scheduled travel date/time of the initial ticket.

We wish that the present hard period will be soon overcome and all of us we shall return healthy into our normality without  further unpleasant sequences.