Get Informed about your rights and responsibilities. Read carefully the general terms of travel and… bon voyage!


Tickets are personal, non-transferable and are issued in the passenger’s name. They are valid only for the itinerary, date and seat for which they are issued.

Tickets can be booked in all travel agencies cooperating with our Company, in the company’s central offices or via our website on the internet.

Ticket issuing on board is prohibited; to avoid any inconvenience, all passengers are requested to book their tickets and have them before departure.

Complying to EU Directive 98/41, for safety reasons, a name list of the passengers is mandatory for all itineraries; name of passenger, gender (male, female), age range (adult, child, infant), nationality, Type and Plate number of the vehicle, if there is one, are mandatory to be registered on the ticket.

We recommend that passengers provide the issuing agency with their telephone number (preferably mobile phone) when issuing tickets, so that they can be notified in case of an emergency, e.g. prohibition of departure, bad weather, etc. In case of reservations of passengers outside Greece, indicate their country's 4-digit call code.

We strongly suggest our passengers to notify the travel agency on their phone number (preferably a mobile one) upon the issue of their ticket; they will be notified in case of change on scheduled itineraries e.g. detention of ship due to adverse weather conditions, etc.

You are kindly requested to notify the travel agency upon the issuing of your ticket on any passengers than need special care and agencies to notify company as well at booking@goldenstarferries.gr

For children up to 5 years old issuing of a zero fare ticket is mandatory for economy class.

Vehicles using alternative fuel AFVs (hybrid & pure electric vehicles as well as vehicles using liquefied and compressed gaseous fuels) which failure in their supply and their tanks or batteries when they have not been removed are not be allowed for boarding. Drivers of the AFVs vehicle are responsible for ensuring that the AFVs vehicle does not fail or damage its supply system or batteries.


Complying with P.D 3 709/2008 of the Greek state, passengers should be on the embarkation area 30 minutes, or 1 hour if they travel with a vehicle, before departure.

The driver is obliged to board and disembark his vehicle. Passengers of vehicles are required to disembark from them before being boarding on vessel. The priority on boarding of the vehicles shall be determined by the Port Regulations.

All passengers must be provided with the necessary valid travel documents. The Company reserves the right to refrain from boarding a passenger without these necessary travel documents.

If the passenger wishes to disembark before leaving the ship, he shall declare it to the ship’s  Accounting Office and take his baggage and vehicle with him if it is possible to move from the ship’s parking lot.

Ticket issue due date

Tickets should be issued before due date as specified by your travel agent when booking you ticket. In any other case, your reservation will be cancelled automatically.

Open date tickets

Tickets can be converted in open status till 12 hours before the departure. Open date tickets are valid for one year from the issuing date. Open date tickets are not valid for embarkation unless replaced by new tickets with the date of departure. If fare has been increased, passengers have to pay the difference, otherwise the amount is not refundable.

Open-date tickets and replaced tickets cannot be cancelled. To convert tickets to an open date, you should contact with the agency that you had purchased the tickets.

Cancellations and refund

Tickets can be cancelled only in the travel agencies where they were issued, providing the original tickets. Bookings made by company’s online system can be cancelled by sending an email at booking@goldenstarferries.gr.

No ticket cancellation can be made by phone. Terms of cancellation are according to cancellation time
Up to 7 days before departure: 75% refund or change to open date ticket. From 6 days up to 12 hours before departure: 50% refund or change to open date ticket. Tickets cannot been cancelled or changed to open date after vessel’s departure.

Delay or cancellation of an itinerary due to force majeure (e.g. adverse weather conditions)

Delay of departure: Passengers and vehicles can embark with the same tickets.

Cancellation of itinerary: in case of cancellation, tickets are no longer valid and should be replaced with new for the next scheduled departure with available seats.

Important: Passengers are kindly requested to contact the company’s offices in case of delay due to adverse weather conditions in order to stay updated on the new time of departure.

Ticket Loss

In the event of ticket loss, passengers need to purchase a new ticket in order to travel and then notify in writing the company providing lost ticket’s data (date of departure, itinerary, no. of ticket), no. of new ticket purchased and a copy of that ticket at booking@goldenstarferries.gr. If the lost ticket is not found by the revenue department of the company to be changed to open date ticket or utilized within 1 year, it will be replaced by a ticket of the same type for the same itinerary. Lost ticket’s data can be found at the issuing agency and should be sent by email to the company’s central offices.


The Company makes all effort to ensure that timetables are kept but reserves the right to make changes without prior notice if necessary.

Control on board

Check-in of tickets upon embarkation and during the trip is conducted by the ship’s inspecting officers. During check-in, passengers are responsible for displaying their tickets and other documentation that justifies a ticket with discount, if that is the case.


Luggage should be placed on special locations of the ship, complying with the crew’s indications. Valuables should not be left in luggage. Valuables should be handed to the Purser’s office for safekeeping. Company is not responsible for any loss of money, precious items or luggage in the public areas of the ship, vehicles or cabins. Passengers are entitled to carry baggage up to 50 kg.

Passengers with special needs

Specially designed cabins and other facilities are available to passengers with special needs. Due to limited availability, are be advised for early booking.

Alternative fuel vehicle

Kindly note that according to current regulation, the charging level of the concentrator of AFV vehicle (electric & plugin), should not exceed 40% of its total capacity for boarding on the vessel. In addition for vehicles using LPG or natural gas, the gas tank fuel level should exceed 50% of its capacity for boarding.


Passengers travelling with pets, therapy or service animals must necessarily declare this when booking/issuing their tickets, in order to be recorded in the electronic booking system and to be issued with zero fare tickets for the animals. Issuing a ticket on board is not permitted. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, passengers should make reservations and issue tickets in advance.

Pets travel in specially designated cabins and kennels. As the number of cabins is limited, you are kindly requested to reserve ahead.
For health reasons, pets are not allowed in indoor public areas or cabins others than those designated for them. Dogs should always be on a leash and wear a muzzle when circulating on the ship.
Passengers travelling with their pets are required to have their pet’s valid health documents with them and are responsible for their pet’s health, safety and hygiene. Unattended pets are not accepted on board.

Lost and found

Please notify the ship’s Reception on any item lost or found as early as possible and prior to disembarkation. For any information after disembarkation, please contact the Company’s central offices at general@goldenstarferries.gr.


For safety reasons, all passengers and their belongings are liable to control. In case of non- compliance, the passenger will not be allowed to embark and the port authorities will be notified on the event.
Passengers are expected to present their ticket, passport or other identification documents to the ship’s authorized personnel. The Company reserves the right not to allow embarkation to passengers that fail to present their travel and identification documents.
After embarkation, disembarkation is only allowed under permission of the ship’s authorized personnel. In case a passenger wishes to disembark, they need to remove their luggage and/or vehicle. Passengers who curry a weapon have to declare it upon  embarkation.

For flights it is advisable to allow at least four (4) hours from the estimated time of arrival at the port to the time of departure of the flight.

Service Phone Line

For any questions or comments, please contact us on 30 212-2224000 or via e-mail: general@goldenstarferries.gr

No Smoking Law 3730

Complying with the National Law 3730 of the Greek Ministry of Health, as from 1st July 2009 smoking is strictly prohibited in all enclosed public areas, as well as the vessel’s cabins. Passengers may smoke in the designated areas on the open outer decks