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Golden Miles: Terms & Conditions

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The company Golden Star Ferries Shipping Company (GSF), the main offices of which are located at 133 Philonos Str., 18536 Piraeus, created the Golden Miles program to reward travelers of Golden Star Ferries for their preference to its ships with free tickets by completing specific points.


  • Participation is open to all adult passengers, excluding legal entities of any form and individual businesses.
  • Participation in the program is strictly personal and may not be transferred or assigned by the Member to any third party.
  • A passenger who wishes to become a member of the Golden Miles program originally completes and mails to the company the special form which is found on board and at the company, at the central port agencies and its branches. Attention: participation in the program requires the form to be completed with the member’s (passenger) complete personal information.
  • Alternatively, member registration is possible by completing the relevant application which is posted on the website of GOLDEN STAR FERRIES at www.goldenstarferries.gr . In this case the application is sent electronically and you will automatically receive by email the GOLDEN MILES membership card with all the access data to your personal account. Members can print the card received and use it temporarily until the permanent plastic membership card is sent by the company. With online registration you can begin immediately collecting points with your ticket purchase.
  • By completing and signing the application as above, the applicant accepts the Terms and Conditions of the program as defined by Golden Star Ferries.
  • In a few days the member will receive the card which must be presented to our collaborating agencies with each issue of a ticket for GSF ships.
  • The passenger must not forget to give the card number with each issue of a ticket.
  • Once the passenger is aboard and completes his trip – depending on the route traveled – the member will also gain the corresponding points.
  • It is the obligation of the passenger to show his personal ticket and the Golden Miles card whenever requested by authorized personnel.
  • By completing specific points members will win a free ticket depending on the route. The level of points that must be collected by the Golden Miles member to win a free ticket is shown in the table below.
  • Points may be exchanged only with free ticket, have no commercial value, and in no way can be exchanged for money. Any sale (sale, exchange etc.) of points or offers is null and void and results in the cancelation of the Member’s participation.
  • The free ticket is subject to availability of exchangeable seats for the specific route or periodically or per destinations.
  • The free tickets are issued for confirmed seats and are not issued with an open date.
  • Free tickets can be picked up by the member from the Head offices of GSF by showing the card.
  • In case of theft or loss of the free ticket, the Member must declare this in writing to the company. A free ticket that is lost or stolen shall not be reissued.
  • GSF may cancel the Program at any time, with the relevant written notification of at least one (1) month to Members.
  • In case of bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, dissolution in any way of GSF, the program will be canceled automatically and simultaneously all accounts and all points of Members will be canceled. In this case GSF will not have any liability to the Members and the members will not have any claim against GSF.
  • The responsibility of GSF, contractual or non-contractual, toward the Members for damages, losses or expenses that may arise from actions or omissions of GSF or its employees during the operation of the Program is limited and consists solely of the obligation of GSF to credit back the Account of the Member with Miles and Fares corresponding to the specific offer concerning the Member always provided that the Program will remain in force at the time of re-credit.
  • GSF is not responsible for losses, delays, consequential or indirect damages.
  • Members must inform GSF in writing of any change to their personal information (name, address etc.).
  • GSF is not responsible for any damage or loss of Members or third persons due to false or inaccurate statements of personal information of Members or non-written disclosure to GSF of any change to their personal information.
  • GSF has no responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes to the text and field contents when printing the document in question or other related forms of the Program or by acts or omissions of third parties or non employees which may be associated with the Program.
  • The terms and conditions of the Program and the general legal relationship between GSF and Members is governed by Greek law. The competent courts to resolve any disputes arising from participation in the Program and the implementation of the Program shall be the Courts of Piraeus.

PRIVACY (Law 2472/1997)

  • GSF warrants that the personal information of passengers collected for the needs of the Program will be kept on file and will be processed by GSF for program purposes or for statistical and economic purposes or for operational and IT service reasons and by cooperating with the GSF businesses-providers of any additional offers for advertising / promotional purposes.
  • By completing and signing the paper application form for registration in the Program, the passenger is deemed to automatically provide consent to GSF or those businesses collaborating with GSF, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/97 for the use, processing and further promotion of personal data of himself or his children, for these purposes.
  • Members have access to their personal data and to update or refuse any further than the above, the processing of their data under the Law 2472/97, as applicable.