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Ferry Tickets to Naxos
If you are looking for a large island with lush vegetation, Cycladic architecture, impressive sights, excellent food and luxurious accommodation then Naxos is your best choice.
Green valleys and mountains, gorgeous beaches, shallow turquoise waters and a rich history that has given rise to an abundance of attractions.

Naxos, It is  the largest  island of the Cyclades known for the deposits of marble and emery and for rapidly gaining popularity among travelers.


Palaces and gigantic statues of ancient times, Byzantine temples, Venetian fortresses, the history of Naxos comes to life before your eyes, as soon as you get to the island. A kind of symbol of the island, the marble gates of Portara, the ruins of the never completed temple of Apollo greet everyone while arriving at the port of Hora.

naxos-pyles-portaraMake sure to check the Venetian fortress, whose walls are formed by the outer walls of the houses of the Venetian nobility and is located on a hill above the port. The Cathedral and the Monastery of St. John Chrysostomos are located 3km from Chora and are worth visiting as well.

Next spot is Baseos Castle, built in the early 17th century in the form of a tower, was originally the abode of monks, the last of whom left the monastery at the beginning of the 19th century. Afterwards, it was bought by the Baseos family and redesigned in a rather original style. Currently, art exhibitions are held in the interiors of the castle and the Naxos Festival is held in the courtyard every year.

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos in Chora contains finds dating from the late Neolithic period (5300 BC) to the early Christian period (5th century AD). The museum features antique statues, porcelain, ceramics, and an extensive collection of vases.

Of course, who wants to spend their whole vacation only visiting attractions?


There are about twenty beaches on the island, where each of them is charming in its own way. One of the ten best beaches in Europe, Agios Prokopios is located 5km from Chora and stretches for two kilometers in length. Plaka Beach is no less picturesque and long, but much more secluded. Agios Georgios is the busiest beach in Naxos due to its location (3 minute-walk from Chora). The beach is sandy and has a gently sloping bottom that will appeal to families with children. Mikri Vigla is a coastline divided in half by a rocky ledge into two beaches, Parthenos and Sahara. If you’re into windsurfing then the winds there create the ideal conditions for it.

Traditonal products

On the fertile land of the island, a variety of products are grown and produced, such as cheeses of all kinds and varieties, aged beef and other types of meat, potatoes, tomatoes, olive oil and herbs. Accordingly, the cuisine of Naxos, although simple, is distinguished by a great quality.

Some of the traditional dishes are stuffed lamb “patudo”, “rosto” – rooster stewed in wine, “astakomakaronada” – spaghetti with lobster. Kitro is also produced in Naxos which is an exquisite wine. They also produce Tsipouro which is made by distilling the residue of grapes left over from the wine pressing process and produces a strong spirit of 40-45%. Great souvenir or even gift for your loved ones.

Ferry Tickets from Rafina to Santorini – Naxos

(There is no route with direct connection, but with a stopover in Santorini).

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Also for the “eternal fans” of Paros there is the solution: The route Naxos – Paros  in just 35 minutes!

Now that you have gathered all necessary information for this unique destination, all that remains is to choose a swimsuit and the adventure awaits!
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